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Solutions and Services

Solutions are curated for companies, founders and executives looking to develop themselves and their sales teams to achieve great results in less time. 

Hiring & Engagement

  • Profile XT and Profiles Sales Assessment will give you insights into the thinking styles, behavior styles, and interests of potential new hires and current employees. This allows you to hire the right people and develop them using a targeted and effective approach. The Profiles Sales Assessment will also give you an insight into how the individual will perform in 7 key sales competencies

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment will allow you to create a culture high in emotional intelligence. Studies show that regardless of the job category, EQ is attributable to 58% of professional success

  • High Impact Leadership academy will take your high potential leaders to the next level by developing one new skill each month while learning about key leadership competencies

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Prevent & Overcome Burnout

  • Provide a framework on how to develop new habits that will combat the key causes of overwhelm/burnout 

  • Suggest a targeted approach to behavior management 

  • Help executives understand their teams so they can delegate appropriately 

  • Find out if you're at risk for burnout with our free assessment! 

Leadership Development

  • Checkpoint 360 allows leaders to gain insight into their leadership effectiveness from those they work with the most, identify and prioritize their own development opportunities and encourages organizations to focus on leadership training

  • Genos EI will give insight into how they are perceived by their team, their peers, and their leaders. This tool allows respondents to rate the level of importance for each behavior which tells the client what improvements will have the most positive impact. 

  • Leadership Academy is aimed at equipping executives with skills and strategies to effectively lead a team.

  • 1-1 coaching focuses on arming leaders with the tools to engage their team most effectively 

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Exceed Sales Goals

  • Hire the right people by using the PXT and Profiles Sales Assessment. Both of these tools allow you to assess your current salespeople and hire based on common trends found in your top performers. The results will come with an interview guide which gives hiring managers sample questions based on the candidate's strengths and weaknesses for the role

  • Work with sales leaders/founders to develop a strong sales process

  • Develop a healthy winning culture that exceeds expectations

Navigating Change

  • Help teams work together effectively amidst crisis and transition

  • Encourage executives to develop and implement strategic initiatives with confidence 

  • Navigate leader's understanding of how they react to stress and implement actions that will help them be most effective 

  • Provide strategic planning and coaching during times of transition

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Solution-Oriented Services

1-1 Executive


Customized coaching sessions designed to deliver insights and innovative solutions to help leaders drive lasting results in sales and culture



Enabling teams to exceed expectations through data-driven development, observed feedback, strategic solutions, retreats, and hiring tools.

Leadership Academy

A 12 month virtual program aimed at equipping executives with skills and strategies to effectively lead a team.


  • Profile XT

  • Profiles Sales Assessment 

  • Checkpoint 360 Assessment 

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment 


Achieve more, quicker with like-minded individuals who are facing or have already overcome the challenges that you are working through as a leader. We celebrate successes together navigate challenges and provide supportive accountability to one another. 

Schedule a call to discuss which solution-oriented service is best for you and your team. 

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