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We work with founders, senior leaders, and their teams to discover strengths, blind spots, and trends. We implement these insights so you and your teams can surpass all goals and activity metrics while developing a healthy organization that will withstand the test of time.


Whether we are working with one individual or the entire leadership team, the focus will be on helping you solve your specific challenges. We get to know your organization on a deeper level to design a targeted coaching plan that will deliver the desired results.


All leaders have a lasting impact. Let’s make it a great one!

My Expertise

I am an experienced sales professional with over 15 years in sales. As a new sales consultant at a Fortune 500 company, I achieved my BHAG of ending the year in the top 3% of the company. I soon became the leader of my sales team and took the team from the bottom 25% of the company to the top 5% in one year.


Within this position, I had the opportunity to lead both inside and remote teams. I understand the importance of hiring the right people, developing them with a personalized approach, and creating a healthy winning culture where everyone can thrive. 

Problems My Clients Face

  • Hiring & retention 

  • ​Dealing with overwhelm and burnout

  • Lacking a healthy team culture

  • Developing leaders internally 

  • Meeting & exceeding sales goals

  • Navigating change 

My Philosophy

I believe that leadership has a ripple effect on the people within the business and great leaders impact those far beyond the walls of the business. The teams within your organization are a direct reflection of their leaders.


The best leaders are strategic, thoughtful, and deliberate. They use data, intuition, and experience to achieve the greatest results.

Solutions Lasting Leadership Provides 

I partner with leaders within companies of all sizes to help them realize their potential, develop a healthy winning culture, exceed sales targets, and maximize a team's efficiency through hiring and engagement practices. We focus on the total person to ensure the highest results are achieved while maintaining or developing a great work-life integration. 

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Lauren Hemphill

A word from the founder...

I am passionate about leadership. I have seen how teams respond to good leadership, great leadership, and unfortunately, poor leadership. I am driven to make sure leaders have the tools and insights they need to make a lasting positive impact on their business and their people. 


I love sales because, ultimately, everyone is in sales. Your organization’s revenue is greatly impacted by the quality of sales leadership. People buy from and give referrals to people they respect and like. Likable and respected sales professionals come from teams with great leadership.


Think about a time when you had a great manager. Now, rate your effort and success level. On the other hand, think of a time when you worked for a poor manager. What was your effort and success level in this role? Even further, how did their poor leadership affect your relationships and attitude outside of work?


I hope this exercise illustrates the importance of great leadership and the amount of influence you have within your organization. You have it in you to be that great leader people talk about when they are asked, “Who was the best leader you ever had and why?” I cannot wait to work with you to help you realize your greatest accomplishments.



ProfileXT®, Profiles Sales Assessment™,

Profiles Managerial Fit™ and CheckPoint 360

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Certified Executive Coach

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